Public Folders can be migrated now without Dumpster on Exchange online

Microsoft has released new feature and now it is possible to Migrate Public Folders without Dumpster. Earlier in all public folder migration dumpster got migrated as default and there was no control on it.

Finally Microsoft give us control on Public Folder dumpster. We can migrate public folders without dumpster.

Microsoft has added new parameter in Public folder migration command.

Parameter is ExcludeDumpsters

Here is sample command :-

New-MigrationBatch -Name PublicFolderMigration -CSVData $bytes -SourceEndpoint $PfEndpoint.Identity -ExcludeDumpsters

To check Dumpster folder size you can run below command:-

Get-PublicFolder \NON_IPM_SUBTREE\DUMPSTER_ROOT -Recurse -ResultSize:unlimited | ?{$_.FolderClass -ne “$null”} | ft name,foldersize

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