Poor Disk Performance on Exchange Server

Disk performance is very critical for any Exchange server to function. If Disks are having issues then Exchange will not function normally.  It’s a hot topic always and we can write whole book on disk performance while talking on Exchange DB functionality.

We faced same issue and multiple users reported outlook slowness, replay queue length on DAG members, slow email delivery etc.

So how to deal with such sluggish Exchange performance issues.

Here is little guidelines for the same.

Key tool to troubleshoot Exchange slowness is Experwiz. It’s contains a number of counters which we need to monitor during troubleshooting.

Few counters are Disk idle time, Disk sec/transfer, Disk read time, disk write time etc.

Using experfwiz to capture required logs:-

Here is example of experfwiz:-

.\experfwiz.ps1 -duration 04:00:00 -interval 5 -filepath E:\Logs

It will create required log files in .blg format.

Now we need another tool to read these .blg file.

Here PAL tool is very useful. It generates readable report in html format.

Download Links

Experfwiz:-  https://github.com/Microsoft/experfwiz

PAL Tool:- https://github.com/clinthuffman/Clue

Others factors which we should also consider are drivers. Few Drivers like Disk.sys, partmgr.sys and ntfs.sys can cause performance issues as well.

In Recent case old driver caused performance issues and we have to update these drivers.


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